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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Quilter's Comfort and Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe at MAKEVENTION


It is now weeks since MAKEVENTION, a convention of makers sponsored by Bloominglabs here in Bloomington, IN.  I recall the evening before the event, leaving the tea cave, Ursula, and wondering why I was still in town.  Finally as I was about to turn onto the road out of town, there before me in the right lane was a maker rig just pulling into town.  I knew where they were headed and found them the next day to offer a welcome and hello.

Here Yuko and BJ at my booth.  She is demonstrating her Otedama made of repurposed kimono silk from Japan.  See the plate with crumbs above the sign?  That is what remains of my delicious bread offered as a base for those sampling my jelly.

The jellies went over beautifully and to my surprise and delight, so did my first ever bake from my sour dough culture!

My daughters and I are taking a Sourdough Bread Baking class online through a platform called Craftsy.  It is my first such experience taking a class via the web.This is something I am able to share with my daughters, though we explore on different schedules from different locations.    I am having such a great time learning a lot and finding so many people passionate about sourdough.

This thing  with the living yeast goes deep.  There is someone with a starter that has a 100 year lineage!   Since beginning this class, I have made a few quick breads, crackers with the Chocolate Seasoning that are a huge hit, baguettes, boules and now ready to begin incorporating my jelly and other herbal blends! 

 Boules!  Yum Yum.
 At this time, I am considering having some of my sourdough creations at Winter Fair in November in the Bloomington Convention Center.  That will depend on my energy levels and planning.

I always enjoy hearing the different descriptions people offer for my jellies, books, and other artistic maker works.  I am still amazed with the flexagon book structures and do delight in sharing them.  Most of the folks here are techie, sharing collections, such as the IU Puzzle Collection guy or the Creative Anachronistic.

If I had given it thought, I might have imagined there to be a puzzle collection, and now I have had a glimpse into the holdings at IU.  Maybe a perfect adventure  on  a cold winters day.  When I go, perhaps, I will take with me an example of the puzzles I make special from time to time.

In the booth beside me was an amazing group of women with fiber, one with a drop spindle, others waving knitting needles and crochet hooks and all surrounded with wonderful soft woven shawls and other objects!

Since then, I continue my updating journey through the website and other abandoned web resources.  Why do I do this?  Because,  I choose to earn my living with something that I enjoy and want to put energy into creating the opportunity for you to purchase, enjoy and appreciate as well.

And this is how I joyfully create resources to craft a sustainable lively hood that allows me to honor my financial commitments as I share some of what I love.

Quilter’s Comfort is about piecing together natures herbal goodness one amazing plant at a time.
Blessings and thank you for this opportunity to enjoy and share this amazing journey with you!

Monday, July 6, 2015


How quickly time flies! The adventures of life and its contrast has me on the move again.  

I have enjoyed being in Executive Park North and the space I created there for HART Rock and Quilter's Comfort.  

To make the move a little easier, and to connect with you one last time in this space, I am having a 


FRIDAY, JULY 24th, 11 AM TO 5 PM 
 SATURDAY JULY 25th, 2015, 11 AM TO 4 PM
2620 North Walnut Street, Suite 915


*TEA SAMPLERS - $  .80 each

*TEAS - BAGS 16+ GENEROUS SERVINGS  - $5.00 each

 Also ON SALE!!
*CLAY - 25%OFF 


*APRONS - 25%  OFF





At this time, I seek/want space to move into. If you know of or have available space, please contact me to discuss.  

Thank you!


Friday, December 19, 2014

Seasonal Greetings and Happenings and New Beginnings!

 Dear Reader,

 Thank you to all who have been visiting my blog site.  I hope that you will continue to visit  and follow Quilter's Comfort to stay up to date with Quilter's Comfort Teas, Seasonings and other Products!

It is always my intention to share in this blog, yet the reality so far is that I get so busy tossing the small business hats around, that I can only aspire to being a regular poster.  So, please stay with me as I grow up and into this business, I do because I love what I create and really love having you experience the pleasures my teas and seasonings offer.  Simple, delicious pleasures!

In This Note:
*Brief Update
*L.A.O. Seasonings
*Tea Appreciation
*Herbal Teas for Cold and Flu (and anytime)
*Jellies Note

"The Great Spirit is our father, but the earth is our mother. She nourishes us; that which we put into the ground she returns to us, and healing plants she gives us likewise." Big Thunder, North American Indian, 1900

To see what had been happening with Quilter's Comfort Teas prior to this posting, follow this link

 I am settling in to the new location at 2620 North Walnut Street, Suite, 915 and beginning the second week of January will be open to the public Tuesday and Thursdays 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

In the area?  All Quilter's Comfort products can be available with no shipping charges for pick up in Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe and Quilters Comfort, 2620 North Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN 47404

The website is also being updated and will be linked to our small businesses marketplace.  Those shopping with us at the Kirkwood store are familiar with Square.  You can purchase many of products in our Square Marketplace Shop.   I am improving the images and offerings as I learn my way around.

We love having Owl and Pussy Cat's Berry Green (and others) on the menu in the Runcible Spoon; and we love being the official tea of the Player's Pub where they serve great music, good food and the Player's Pub's Bluesy Green, I LOVE Me and others and appreciate having one of our new teas  available as Presence!

Quilter's Comfort is an advertiser in Well Being Journal!  It seemed a perfect place to share the delicious seasonings and teas print media that reaches people who want great taste and improved well being from beverages and foods consumed.  I really enjoyed receiving this response,"The samples were great thank you so much!"

Quilter’s Comfort seasonings and herbal products are crafted to enhance joy in life through the pleasure of seasoning your food with really great tasting certified organic blends.   These delicious nightshade free blends are all prepared in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness of our products.  Person’s sensitive to foods in the nightshade family can now enjoy the delicious taste of L.A.O. Seasonings, including our Curry and Garam Masala.

Our line of seasonings continue to grow! At this time we offer these great tasting and nutritious blends.  You can purchase these here.  You can expect to see improved images for the products soon!

-L.A.O.’s Organic Seasoning Mix 

 -L.A.O.’s EVERYTHING Plus Popcorn 

-L.A.O.’s Organic Burger Bliss

-L.A.O.’s Curry 

 -L.A.O.’s Organic Garam Masala

 -L.A.O.’s Chocolate Rlub

 -L.A.O.’s Spicy Chocolate Rub

Early in 2015 we will be introducing no salt herbal options to all blends currently containing salt. 

If you are looking for  COLD, FLU SEASON SUPPORT you may enjoy these herbal teas or others you can find in our marketplace by following this link.

Cold Thyme is an old favorite by many

for your immune system and support of the maturing body!

These are here, just because we and our customers love them!


It is amazing, we are sold out of almost all of our gourmet, artisan jellies thanks to shoppers at Holiday Market and Krista Detour's Holiday Market of local venders at her annual fundraiser for a non-profit (this year - Stone Belt)! 

 For those seeking our gourmet beer jelly, you might check with Lennie's Restaurant 21795 E. 10th Street, Bloomington, IN or call them at (812) 323-2112  to see if they have any Ruby Amber HipHop or 10 Speed HipHop beer jelly left in stock.

Looking for our gourmet herbal wine jellies email or visit Butler's Winery, 1022 N. College Ave., Bloomington, Indiana.


In the Bloomington, Indiana area?  All Quilter's Comfort products can be available with no shipping charges for pick up in Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe and Quilters Comfort, 2620 North Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN 47404

Until we write again, may all good desired flow effortlessly into your life!


Patricia and Quilter's Comfort

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quilter's Comfort Tea - Hello!

Hello and thank you for coming here. We will get some content up and we hope you will come back again and again and develop a love relationship with our products!

Quilter's Comfort Family